Carluke High School: Rhiann Gibson



A Fabulous Monstrocity

Their names throughout the nation have spread like some highly contagious disease.
Like marmite the country is torn.
But young or old, whether you love them or hate them,
everyone has something to say.

Every Saturday night they baffle the country with their cringeworthy perfromances.
Their voices definately nothing to be jealous of,
Their dances anything but graceful.
And what about their hair!?

A feeling is aroused in me,
I feel embarassed for them,
Switch over the channel or mute it? I can't decide.

But as they get into full swing of things,
their singing, dancing and acting getting more elaborate and ridiculous by the second.
A new feeling conflicts with my first,
They are quite clearly entertaining,
A good laugh.
And although they are only eighteen years old,
They quite obviously don't care what others think or say of them.

It seems I am just as torn internally as the rest of Britain.
But one thing's for sure,
despite the outcome of the competition,
Jedward are going to be around for a long time.

by Rhiann Gibson