Ayr Academy: Charlotte Green



The Game

The game of fear
He would win, every time
Trying his chances
Cheating, always
Grabbing your attention

The smell of fear, from a distance
It hurts, too strong to handle
He'd play hide and seek
Watching, smothering
Your every move

Wrapping you with his haunting arms
Feel the breath on your neck
As he whispers, "you're it."
You now have the power
Now that you're caught
There's no escaping
You've been struck by fear himself.

If fear were weather
He would be dark, dingy and cold
He would scream through the wind and rain
Tearing through the hail.

He would soak through your clothes
The ice cold pain, nipping at your skin
Leaving a sour bitter taste of lemon
On the tip of your tongue.

The dull black night
That he wraps around your face
Like a lingering smell
That you can't run from.

Sweating your fear
Struggling to breathe
You're caught in a trap

If fear were a weather
He'd leave you to freeze.


by Charlotte Green