Ayr Academy: Lauren Milroy



My iPod

As my screen lit up and I came to life
I felt so pleased that you were back
Whenever I felt tired, you connected me to the computer
And whilst there, updated my never-ending library.

You never left me alone…ever
Everywhere you went, I tagged along
Always by your side
Even if I was never needed

You took amazing care of me
Not a single scratch or scrape
To my fine blue paintwork
Your most prized possession

Until that fateful day, May 13th to be exact
When I no longer seemed important
Thrown in a drawer, all alone in the dark
I wondered what I did to deserve this

Replaced by a newer, younger model
After only a year together
There are occasional times though
When you come back to see me
Even if only for a short time…

by Lauren Milroy