Ayr Academy: Lauren Davidson




Shining like a diamond against the sun
Reflections against me,
I sit in shadowed darkness with objects
Just like me
And other indifferent in use
But varied in shape.
Until our home moves and light hits us like waves against rocks,
Our darkness stolen by your hand
As you gape down at me aware of my dangerous entity,
You grasp my handle cautiously,
Stealing me away from my alike company,
Your reflection in my blade,
Blurred like in water, imperfect
I separate your food as you sway me back and fourth,
My fellow utensil digging, grasping my leftovers,
Towards your hungry mouth, of which I never near,
After you are done with me, you toss me to the side
Like garbage.
The process is constant, I am yours,
And then I am covered like dust over disregarded porcelain,
And then I am clean,
And then the shadow’s,
I’m never my own.
A knife among fellow cutlery, indifferent.

by Lauren Davidson