Ayr Academy: Heather Brown



Mirror Image

I am a glistening sliver of glass on your bedroom wall,
I love it when you switch on those glittery fairy lights
Carefully draped over me like a piece of artwork.
The concentration on your face as you straighten your hair,
Makes me laugh.
The horror on your face as your mascara smudges,
Makes me want to distort your reflection,
Because at least you have a face and hair,
Me, on the other hand,
I only have your reflection, the reflection of your bedroom,
Which everyday is the same, the same except,
Every once in a while, when you come home,
From a trip to town with your friends,
I have the reflection of the new top, the new pair of shoes,
The new eye shadow and I pretend,
I pretend that I am you, in the wonderful world that is,
The other side of the mirror.

by Heather Brown