Auchinairn Primary School: Natasa Donald



Small, feet couldn't touch the ground.
(Granda go to that wee shop).
He used to just laugh and crawl over.
I jumped off his back and started to laugh.
He couldnt get up , he had bad cramp.
I just sat on the couch and laughed.
First day of school he was there.
Came out from school.
He was always standing waiting.
Always with a smile on his face.
Never doubted anyone.
Loved everyone and hated no-one.
Out in the garden was fun.
dived to get the ball but always miss.
Walking to the park on a sunday was good.
He used to always tell me he loved me.
No matter what I did, even if I was bad.
Sitting on his knee
With the smell of whiskey, from his mouth.
Story teller i called him.
He told me stories all the time.
Was the best at bowling.
Never defeated,exept for the odd time.
I broke won of his trophys once.
He never shouted.
Thats my granda.

by Natasha Donald