Joined Up Learning


'Turnbull High School's 'Picture Perfect Poems', which have been crafted with the help of two masters of the craft, are a reminder that words and pictures can co-exist in a most harmonious way.'

Jan Patience, arts journalist, The Herald


'The close and subtle observation of these writers drew me into their poems and made me feel as if I were there too.'

Anne Donovan, author of Buddha Da


'The sheer, utter, exact foxiness, hedgehogginess and wild horseyness of these, and all the animals written about and pictured here is really rather ravishing. And emotion ABOUT emotion, a tough task for even professional artists is beautifully and discreetly presented here. Envy? Summer? Vast notions, hazardous in the wrongs hands. But these are precisely (in every sense) the RIGHT hands. And for an insight, by turns amusing, poignant and telling, into family life in contemporary Scotland, look no further. A scintillating and sumptuous sampling.'

Donny O'Rourke, poet, journalist, broadcaster


'Willie Rodger and Liz Lochhead may be the muses behind this box of visual and verbal treats but already one can spot the blossoming of individual voices and visions fizzing with enthusiasm for this wholly refreshing and energising initiative. A great way to showcase the unique talents of the youngsters.'

Peter McCormack, curator, Auld Kirk Museum


'The poems and illustrations brilliantly capture a world of lions, chimps, green assassins, wrath, summer and success "hearing the roar of a crowd rising and not looking back, just keeping on going". The project is a tribute to Willie Rodger and Liz Lochhead's inspiring collaboration with the pupils.'s.

Jane Cameron, curator, University of Stirling