Joined Up Learning

'From blood, sweat, tears and burnt toast to joy, love, laughter and a gran in pink socks, the pupils of Lenzie Academy have cut to the quick of the human condition in words and pictures with help from two of Scotland's masters of the craft.'

Jan Patience, arts journalist, The Herald


'The writers described their subjects with real honesty and emotional truth.'

Anne Donovan, author of Buddha Da


'A rabbit, a deer, a dolphin, a zoo; on the compelling (in every sense) evidence of these poems and pictures, maybe every bird and beast is, 'The Independent Animal'. That confident originality extends to the affectingly mature meditations on Sadness, Jealousy and other topics too weighty for the average poem or print. But then these renderings are far from average as the depictions of brothers and sisters and other family members demonstrate. A cracking anthology that will entice and enthrall.'

Donny O'Rourke, poet, journalist, broadcaster


'If poetry is language in orbit, as Seamus Heaney says, then Cutting Verse represents "lift-off", and these young people are aiming high - only to be expected when Liz Lochhead and Willie Rodger are lighting the fuses.'

Peter McCormack, curator, Auld Kirk Museum


'The poems are breathtaking - 'blood coloured teeth' and the 'Smell of Water dripping from the sky' - and the images assured. A tribute to Willie Rodger and Liz Lochead's inspiration.'

Jane Cameron, curator, University of Stirling