Joined Up Learning

'From the cat who owned a whole street to a deer which moves like quicksilver and lemon drops which melt in the mouth, the artists and poets of Douglas Academy have risen to the challenge of illustrating their world black and white - and all the shadows in between.'

Jan Patience, arts journalist, The Herald


'A lyrical approach and a delight in sound as well as visual effects, characterised these poems.'

Anne Donovan, author of Buddha Da


'Seeing with words, thinking with pictures - Colour in Shadows is a paired way of looking at creatures, emotions, relationships. Liz Lochhead and Willie Rodger have worked their magic, with the pupils of Douglas Academy producing a spell-bounding delight.'

Peter McCormack, curator, Auld Kirk Museum


'Animal poems (and images) can be twee or condescending. Not here. The beasts in this bestiary are not auditioning to become humans. They remain beguilingly themselves. When these very capable young writers turn their imaginative and descriptive gifts to large subjects such as Freedom and Joy, they do so evocatively and with empathetic precision. Their astute and affectionate musings on family life and relations, we can all relate to. The artwork is a delight throughout this truly terrific book.'

Donny O'Rourke, poet, journalist, broadcaster


'Joyous drawings and words bringing alive 'the brown polka dot dog', the leopard 'running to the place that doesn't exist' and 'freedom is the colour blue'. Apart from being a celebration of creativity, it's a tribute to the uplifting collaborative teaching of Willie Rodger and Liz Lochhead.'

Jane Cameron, curator, University of Stirling