Joined Up Learning

'Whether howling at the moon or moving swiftly from the darkness into the light, the pupils of Boclair have grappled movingly with universal truths in words and pictures with the aptly-titled 'Write Out of Our Heads'.'

Jan Patience, arts journalist, The Herald


'With sensitivity and openness, these writers explored their subjects to great effect.'

Anne Donovan, author of Buddha Da


'EXACTLY how do animals, slither, creep, trot, gambol and pounce? You'll find out from these uniquely vivid poems and prints. Usually I advise my students to steer clear of abstractions but the young writers gathered here manage to be very specific about, love, peace and some other big ideas. Tender, touching, teasing, TRUE, the family poems charm and challenge. This is lifelike work that likes (and loves) life. Who wouldn't want to celebrate that?''

Donny O'Rourke, poet, journalist, broadcaster


'In Write Out of Our Heads, Liz Lochhead and Willie Rodger have made it their task to inspire a new generation of poets and printmakers. Here is proof that self-expression is educational, self-expression is fun, self-expression is life!'

Peter McCormack, curator, Auld Kirk Museum


'The creativity and fun are apparent - the alien, the snake and the beloved nineteen year old brother. Liz Lochhead and Willie Rodger have inspired the next generation.'

Jane Cameron, curator, University of Stirling