Joined Up Learning

'The poets and artists of Bishopbriggs Academy have been digging deep to discover what it is to be man or beast with surpsisingly affecting results.'

Jan Patience, arts journalist, The Herald


'The sharpness and originality of the images took me by surprise and made the people, animals and ideas really come to life.'

Anne Donovan, author of Buddha Da


'Lions, cheetahs and polar bears are just some of the animals that prance, prowl and promenade through this elegant and exhilarating present day bestiary. How humans make sense of creation is dealt with wisely and warmly in verses and images that get to the descriptive and imaginative nub of abstract ideas like Happiness, Excitement and Success. Readers will indeed be happy and excited at the success of this magnificent anthology which concludes with truly touching (because touchingly true) paeans of praise to cousins, first loves, grans and others with whom these young writers and printmakers have relationships. There is nothing relative about their attainment...'

Donny O'Rourke, poet, journalist, broadcaster


'Willie Rodger is one of my favourite artists. Liz Lochhead is one of my favourite writers. 'The Colour of Black and White' is one of my favourite collections of poetry. What a treat to see their perfect artistic partnership helping young people to produce such lively results. I wish I'd had tutors like Ms Lochhead and Mr Rodger when I was at school!'

Peter McCormack, curator, Auld Kirk Museum


'The imagery is enthusiastically and imaginatively captured in words and pictures - the 'polar bear', 'the game you can never end', 'knowledge is the taste of cardboard' and 'the spontaneously combustible gran'! It's full of promise and is also a celebration of the collaboration between Willie Rodger, Liz Lochhead and the pupils.'

Jane Cameron, curator, University of Stirling